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 My work explores moments of connection and intimacy while celebrating femininity and craft found within domestic spaces. I believe pottery plays such an important role within our society. It has a way of enriching everyday objects with purpose and beauty. Whether I’m creating dishes to celebrate a meal or building a vessel that decorates a room, my work is made to honor and enhance the domestic spaces around us. I strive to make functional pieces that are elegant yet inviting to touch and can be easily woven into the lives of others.

 Various textures and patterns are used throughout my work to evoke a sense of joy and comfort, while small hidden treasures are intended to draw you in a little closer. Whether my work is influenced by the pattern on my grandparent’s curtains or the woven threads on my favorite blanket, each piece is a little reminder of home. 


As I reflect upon and process these small moments in time, it allows me a way to navigate old and new identities within my own narrative. My work not only allows me to pay homage to where I am from, but also helps me understand the world around me and the place in which I belong as a woman and an artist.

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